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IFCH is Nepal’s first Cooperative Children’s Hospital initiated by a group of medical professionals in 2008. During these times of valuable years, it has been recognized and established as sophisticated higher center of the nation in the field of critical, operative and intensive care.

IFCH is a fully functioning pediatric hospital available for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It has been committed for the children’s health and best possible care for those who belong from all level of income groups and geographical areas of the country. As to address the affordability and quality of health care practices in Nepal, IFCH has several fields of study and basis for the best diagnosis techniques used as the reliable measures on intervention, prevention and cure for the all possible diseases and measures to control epidemic .

IFCH is a health-care community dedicated to improve the health status of children in Nepal. It has consistency in serving for continuity basis to practice upon minimization morbidity and restore child health, control mortality rate of infants and new born. It has the provision for the best care being compassionate and best possible services updates. We guarantee prompt and professional service with a patient-centered focus treatments and other hospital facilities.


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नेपालमा नवजात शिशु मृत्युदरको अवस्था र गरिएका प्रयाशहरु

17 AUG 17 0 नेपालमा नवजात शिशु मृत्युदरको अवस्था र गरिएका प्रयाशहरु नेपाल ले सहश्राब्दी बिकाश लक्ष्य मा मातृ तथा पाँच बर्ष मुनिका बाल बालिका को मृत्युदर घटाउन उल्लेख्य प्रगति हासिल गरिसकेको छ भने बिशेष गरि १ वर्ष मुनिका बाल बालिका को मृत्यु दर पनि लक्ष्य को नजिक पुगेको अवस्था छ भने नवजात शिशु हरु […]


निमोनिया भन्नाले फोक्सो को तन्तु मा हुने सुजन वा संक्रमण भन्ने बुझिन्छ .स्वाश प्रश्वास प्रणाली को विभाजन अनुसार हाम्रो स्वर यन्त्र अथवा  ल्ल्यारिंक्स भन्दा माथिको भागलाई माथिल्लो स्वाश नलि र त्यो भन्दा तल को भाग लाइ तल्लो स्वाश नाली भनिन्छ . माथिल्लो स्वश नाली कiसंक्रमण हरु मा रुघा वा राइनिटिससअ, पिनास साइनोसाइटिस ,घाटि दुख्ने फ्यारिन्जाईटिस  […]

Overview of animal bites in children

Animal bite is a common problem and continuing threat to human health worldwide. It is still a major public health problem particularly in the Terai and inner Terai region of Nepal. Animal bites cause either direct injury or secondary damage due to super-added infection. Among the animal bites dog bites are the most common. Rabies […]