• International Friendship Children's Hospital

Our assessment services available 24 hours include:


Upgraded laboratory services has been reliable source of disease identification, diagnosis and treatment for disease. Since years it has been third eye for clinical findings and interpretation.The pathology department is open 24 hours daily,  which includes Biochemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, Cytology, Bone Marrow Test, Semen Analysis, ABG etc.  as an isolated department for reliable results. Analyzing tests is done quickly and carefully, so that the doctors can treat the patient accurately, without delay.


The pharmacy is open 24 hours daily, so there is always access to all the medications a patient may need.

Digital X-Ray / Special X Ray:

Well-trained staff are available to take X-Rays 24 hours daily. We have an x-ray room, as well as a modern portable x-ray machine that can be bring to patients in wards, as required. Portable x-ray machine are also available in ICU.All special X ray procedures are available daily

Barrium swallow

Barrium follow through

Barrium Enema

MCUG (Micturating-Cystourethrogram)

Intravenous Urethrogram

Other Daily Services:


ECHO (Echocardiography):

The latest in echocardiogram technology allows us to take an in-depth look at a patients heart, for diagnostic purposes which is done by Pediatric Cardiologist. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment is given accordingly. It is available 3 days a week after 4pm viz Monday/ Wednesday /Friday.

Color Doppler:

Color Doppler is state-of-the-art technology that allows us to check for proper function of circulation in patients. The color Doppler team is fast and accurate, so the results can be seen as soon as possible.


Our Ultrasound is available everyday performed by the Pediatric Radiologist. We have both a stationary ultrasound machine and a modern pediatric portable ultrasound machine which can be easily brought to the wards as needed.

EEG (Electroencephalogram):

EEG is available from Sunday to Friday under the supervision of Neurologist. Immediate detection and management given accordingly.This technology allows us to monitor the brain activity of a patient with any suspected neurological diseases.



Brainstem Evoked Respose Activity (BERA)


Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)