Intensive Care Unit  aims to give life support or prevent  from threat to child health. ICU in the IFCH are similarly staffed and equipped to look after critically Ill patient in order to represent the possible modern care to offer standard care with skilled manpower.

IFCH-ICU Services

The 8 bed NICU has a team of doctors and nurses that specialized in caring for the neonatal cases in the hospital, typically less than one month in age. There is an international-standards incubator, as well as many beds with warmer for the neonatal patients. This unit is specially equipped to deal with problems seen in this age group of child such as neonatal jaundice and other complications.

The 4 bed PICU is generally for patients greater than 28 days who requires intesive care like ventilatory support & for constant monitoring and special attention.

The SICU is a special area of the hospital designated for both pre or post-surgery paediatric patients who require a high level of attention  There are currently 6 beds available for our patients.

The 9 bed VNICU provides care for patients who require mechanical ventilation through the use of ventilators, and also provides special monitoring for those patients who have recently been removed from ventilators and require a greater level of attention. IFCH currently has 5 ventilators available for use. All staff have been internationally trained by respiratory therapists to ensure the highest quality of patient care and proper use of all equipment.

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